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Financial Planning

We offer financial planning services for a flat fee. Our financial planning service is a comprehensive and interactive process. We work with you to discover where you are with your current financial situation and where you want to be. Your goals are the foundation for the process.

We will identify blind spots in your financial picture and provide recommendations on how to close the gaps to unwanted risks. We will analyze your information and prepare various reports and projections based on your unique situation. We will craft various “what if” scenarios to show you the impact of various financial decisions. “

Here are some examples of What if Questions: “Can I retire early at age 60?” “How much do I need to save to retire at the age I want?” “When will my money run out if I spend $X per year in retirement?” “What if I buy a second home, can I still retire when I had planned?” “Can I afford to pay for college for my kids/grandkids and not run out of money in retirement?” “How can I use what I have for my lifetime and leave a legacy with my extra?”

Clients often engage us for financial planning services want to bring clarity to the main questions, “how and when can I attain financial independence?” The not knowing the answer to this question has them in a state of worry or wonder. Other times, clients may experience a life transition and want to know how it will impact their future financially. In our experience, the clarity gained in the planning process brings forth an increased level of contentment and confidence – a peace of mind in knowing.

We provide financial advice tailored to your unique situation, values and goals. The cost for a financial plan will vary with complexity and the amount of time and research involved. We offer referral discounts if you were referred to us or we offer family discounts if your family member is a client of the firm. Contact us to schedule a call to discuss how we could help you with planning.

Investments Management:

We provide investment management based for a fee based on the household level of investments we manage. Our investment portfolio recommendations and ongoing investment management are based on your financial plan and goals. We believe that minimizing the tax impact of your portfolio is an important consideration when designing a portfolio and when distributions are made. We coordinate with your tax advisor as applicable.

We engage in the planning process with all of our investment management clients. We will identify and implement investment strategies and portfolios using investment vehicles (such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETF’s) based on your need for funds from your portfolio, your risk tolerance level and your funds available for investment.

There is risk involved in investing, we believe in risk reduction through diversification, asset allocation and advanced planning for anticipated distributions. We will craft custom portfolios or utilize third party professional money managers to implement investment strategies. We regularly monitor the investments, investment managers and your portfolio allocation. We will recommend and make changes to your portfolio allocation, managers or holdings in your portfolio when applicable.

Our investment management services provide regular performance and activity reporting, market updates and newsletters from us and regular account and goal reviews.

Clients that hire us to manage their investments typically value the input of professionals that research and track investments, financial markets and managers on a regular basis. They want to ensure their investment strategy is following their goals year over year. Our clients have typically have excelled in their lives focused on areas of their expertise, have accumulated wealth and want to delegate investment management to relieve time and stress related to investment management decisions.

If your interested in speaking with us about investment management please contact us to schedule a no- cost initial get acquainted meeting.

Employer Retirement Plans:

We provide investment advice and management as an ERISA 3(38) investment fiduciary for employer sponsored qualified retirement plans which includes the following services: selecting and monitoring investment platforms, selection and monitoring of investment options, selection and monitoring of risk based and target age investment allocation models for participants, participant enrollment services and participant education services.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. OR  (916) 596-6433